More Property Indonesia established in 2016.  We offers , provides personalized services to our valued clients and customers covering all aspects of property.

More Property Indonesia aims to build up a solid reputation for quality consulting.


  • Giving the best services to the clients.
  • Have extensive networking.
  • Experiences in business property Selling / Leasing.
  • Trusted in managing the properties.
  • Versed to create the necessary document needed such as Letter of Intent, Letter of Offer and the Lease agreement, Etc.
  • Experiences to handle complaints that are common in the rental property.


More Property Indonesia offers both advisory and marketing services in property businesses that cover the areas of:

  • Real Estate Businesses
  • Offices & Commercial
  • Property Managements
  • Landed-Houses / Townhouses
  • Apartments / Condominium


  • Establish in a good working relationship with our Clients.
  • We believe that relationships determine the success and accomplishments.


  • Make a list of our Clients who need the properties for rent by location, criteria or details, and the ability of their rental costs.
  • Find and records the properties that will be offered to our Clients.
  • Creating the Itinerary of the property list to our clients to updates the process of finding properties that suits their needs.
  • Preparing the necessary document needed for Rental process such as Letter of Intent and Lease Agreement.
  • Manage and maintaining the property that has been leased, and follow up if there’s any trouble from the Clients to keep a good working relationship established between the client and our company.
  • Responsible To assist our clients to get the property.This role is one of the functions of Property Consultant in the field of sales.
  • Instrumental in establishing a good relationship between our client and the company as well as a bridge between the company and external environments. This is done as the embodiment of the concept of marketing communication.


Renting your property can be stressful and time consuming, and as such we’re here to help you through the process as simply & efficiently as possible.


  • Inspecting and then evaluating your specific requirements in relation to the current market
  • Advising you on a suggested price range.
  • We will advise you on our current fees, terms and conditions so that if you have any queries we can immediately answer your questions helping to make the process as simple as possible.


  • It is therefore important that your property must be very well presented in photography and its appearance maintained for viewings.
  • We can advise you room by room on how best to present your property
  • externally and internally to maximize space and layout to optimum effect
  • and occupancy at no additional cost.


  • We will maximize the coverage of your property to reach its full potential.
  • Firstly we will produce professional of photographs and highly descriptive written details which will then be promoted.
  • We will market your property to our large consumer database as well as
    advertise it without any extra cost involved.


  • We will forward your property details to our potential tenants and then make appointments to suit you with the timelines schedule visiting the
  • Accompany any potential tenants to your property and present the property according on your convenience
  • Giving you the feed back at your earliest
  • Review your property on a weekly basis and advise you on numbers of viewings and interest to reassess the situation.

Full Management Service

In addition to above package we will:

  • Arrange for any property maintenance and repairs as per your instructions (subject to terms of business).
  • Carry out quarterly property visits and report to the
  • Liaise between landlord and tenant- supervise that tenanUs comply with terms of tenancy agreement
  • Review rental values and renewal of

Arrange for checkout of the tenant at the end of the tenancy .


We offer solutions for various parties, both private institutions and to use their capital and also empower their property. In cooperation with advisory and other divisions, we provide in-depth advice about the options that can be taken to use the capital they have or their property.

Why us?

 We saved your time and expenses – utilizing both our extensive local knowledge and the latest technology we are able to provide you

  • with detailed information, professional photographs, accurate descriptions and floor plans.
  • You will be able to access extensive details from our database regarding local transport, schools and other facilities with aerial maps helping you refine and make your selections before leaving your
  • Buying a property can be one of the most important decisions of your life, we are here to take you through that process as simply and efficiently as possible.

How More Property will find a suitable property for me?

Contact us, we will send you details by any of the following preferred methods:

  • Text – Chat App descriptions sent to your mobile phone
  • Email – property particulars sent directly to your inbox
  • Telephone – we can call you directly
  • Post – property particulars sent to you
  • Or visit our offices

If you would like to visit the property, we will arrange a suitable time and accompany you to the location of the property.

Either meet you on site or if you prefer want to be picked up at your office orany convenient meeting point and take you to the property.

All you need to know about the selling process.

  • Buying and selling your home can be stressful, but a problem shared is a problem halved and we are here to help you through the We can advise and assist in many ways but perhaps the most important is our ability to liaise with all the solicitors to ensure as little hassle as possible:
  • If you are selling, we will undertake the marketing and use our best endeavors to suit your requirements by introducing a suit- able buyer at the best possible price;
  • You will need to have a package of information available about your home which we can provide for you; and
  • If you are buying, we can offer you our wide range of properties on which we are instructed and guide you through the purchase procedures .



The above described properties and services are the best advise and suggestions that we can offer and we believe they have quality and value.

More Property strives to provide comprehensive market knowledge combined

With an appropriate marketing and sales strategies, and we have the benefit of hands-on experiences to provide the right solutions with a personalized approach and service for both our clients and customers to fulfill their needs and objectives.

Should you decide to purchase the offered properties and services you will be sure to get many years of value from them, on the basis of professionalism and vast experiences in the property industry.

Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime on 021 3909578 or +62 81210644044  or by email on inquiry@moreproindo.com Should you have any questions or if we can be in service in any other way.

Best regards,


Moh Eka Mulya Akbar

President Director

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