5 Most Important Priorities When Choosing an Apartment

5 Most Important Priorities When Choosing an Apartment

5 Most Important Priorities When Choosing an Apartment

Whether you’re shopping for your first apartment, you’ll need to prioritize what matters most for your search. From cost to conveniences, here’s a list of the top five things to evaluate before renting your next home.

5. The amenities

An apartment’s included amenities should be low on your priority list, but they’re still worth considering. Sure, a washer and dryer or parking spot is nice to have, but if they aren’t available, see what your other options are. For example, if the landlord doesn’t offer on-site laundry, where is the nearest laundromat?

If it’s inconvenient to access alternatives, ask the property manager what he or she can offer in exchange. If you bring up the downsides, the landlord might be willing to budge in other areas such as the cost of rent.

4. The damage

When touring a potential apartment, take note of any visible damage and mention it to the landlord. Find out if they are willing to fix the damaged items before the start of your lease; if not, ask for lower rent or amenities in exchange. Be sure to take pictures of any dings or nicks, and remind the landlord or property manager to detail the items in the lease.

Furthermore, inquire about what your potential landlord considers damage. What you consider decorating, your landlord could see as a hole in the wall.

3. The price

It’s important to compare prices of other local properties on Trulia. Likewise, examine the costs of your previous apartments and see how they compare. Is the price of the apartment fair? If it is, can you comfortably afford it? You may be ready for an upgrade, but is your paycheck? Write down your monthly budget items. If you want a nicer place, consider what you’ll have to cut to afford it.

2. The neighborhood

You can scope out neighborhoods several ways before you sign a lease.Evaluate the safety of a city or to check out school boundaries. Visit the area at different times of the day and night to get a feel for the usual activity and noise level. And talk to the neighbors. If you neglect proper research, you could be moving into a retirement community or a crowded college party town without even knowing it.

1. The lease

This is arguably the most important aspect of an apartment. All other features depend on it. The list of included amenities, previous damage, lease term, and price should all be clearly stated in the contract. Read it, and make sure you fully understand what you’re signing. What if you’re unhappy with your neighbors? Do you know what it would cost to break the lease? Can you sublet if you decide to travel?

Now that you’ve established your priorities, it’s time to start apartment hunting.


  1. I appreciated your reminder to look at the neighborhood during different times of the day to determine if it’s a good fit for you. I’m looking for an apartment, and I feel like proximity to certain amenities like a school for my kids is important. Visiting the neighborhood is definitely something that would be helpful for me to do since it could help give me an idea if the location will be one that I feel safe letting my kids walk to school in.

  2. Thanks for sharing! It’s awesome how you mentioned about checking neighbourhoods in order to get the first-hand impression of the apartment location. My brother is looking for a bigger apartment for his family, so I’ll share this information in order to make his searches easier.

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